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14 Feb 2012 
Relative domestic cars, imported cars on the choice of fuel and fuel system maintenance need to pay particular attention to

Imported models often do not have the poor fuel quality on engine be adjusted accordingly, resulting in the high-end brand models come to China acclimatized abound. Some auto dealers simply directly in car sales, while sales to owners of fuel additives, to resolve the status of the engine too much. So for the owners of imported cars, the choice of fuel and oil and fuel supply system of conservation need extra attention. Avoid negligence in order to damage the engine.

Different environment, the car also need targeted against the engine clean conservation. Parts of the country to use ethanol gasoline, regular unleaded gasoline composition is different. Excellent combustion properties of ethanol gasoline was not as regular gasoline, there is little impact of the dynamic performance. Ethanol gasoline has a good cleaning can dissolve some impurities in the fuel tanks and oil, the oil kept clean.

But owners often need to be hiking in the case of repeated use of two gasoline, with a good clean ethanol gasoline will make the dissolved impurities originally attached to the fuel tank and oil into the combustion chamber through the nozzle, the final resulting in the production of coke. Can not select the fuel types, the owners also had to bite the bullet and refueling. In this case, we can first before traveling for the car to use fuel additives to achieve the effect of proactive.

Rational use of additives can effectively remove the engine's internal glial and coke, which eliminates the cumbersome procedures to take apart and wash the engine. Gasoline additive, a wide variety, we can select for different needs. One of the cleaning additives such the effectiveness of the cleaning nozzle, valve and combustion chamber and other components. Gasoline additive to join together when refueling the fuel tank, clean the entire fuel supply system and combustion chamber, operating method is simple and relatively low cost.

Owners often need to travel, as just mentioned, in order to allow the car to easily cope with the different gasoline in advance to use the right amount of cleaning additives. If the vehicle is always parked for a long time, inevitably, there is the water vapor in the tank, the gasoline additive can also disconnect the water molecules in the gasoline, reducing the damage to the engine in cold start after the long-term parking of vehicles. In addition, we do not listen to the gas station and 4S store sales of fuel to add products boast. The only remedy to get the desired effect.

Unable to provide high-octane grade gasoline, gas stations, we can use the octane enhancer, the enhancer can effectively improve the anti-knock properties of gasoline in order to play to protect the engine and the purpose to improve dynamic performance. In addition, in the purchase of additive products, select the products sold in the regular vendors, usually the price of the additives are less than 100 yuan, do not freeloaders small factory produced or even counterfeit, additive products in order to avoid engine damage losses than gains. Good car habits and the right of the car maintenance car lasting as new, older drivers often say that the three separate seven support is also confirmed this truth. Different engines can to ensure the correct cleaning the engine clean, and make your car the heart to maintain good working conditions.

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14 Feb 2012 
First of all, that the maintenance cycle marked in accordance with the maintenance manual for the routine replacement of oil filter machine maintenance, you can ensure that a few owners of the vehicle inside the engine clean inorganic carbon. Many owners do not know due to poor quality of domestic fuel, resulting in finished gasoline olefin content is generally high (typically 30-40%, far higher than 20% of the content standards in developed countries). Olefin oxidation in high temperature conditions of the engine to heat the formation of glial easily coolpix s6000 battery charger make the valve, fuel injectors and piston and other parts to produce coke.

4S shop is cleaned and engine maintenance project, the consumer can be a rational choice. Maintenance of the car, after-sales service personnel are always recommended for cleaning vehicle throttle, fuel injectors and other engine components such as fuel injectors and oil cleaning projects are often costs us a lot of maintenance costs, their prices even more than replace the oil filter such as routine maintenance projects. Many owners do not understand the car situation blindly follow the recommendations of after-sales staff, while in the car, eager to spend a lot of money wasted.

For 4S shop after-sale maintenance is the most profitable part of the 4s shop. It is not difficult to understand why the after-sales staff is highly recommended in the maintenance of the car, the additional maintenance projects. Engine cleaning project, we are the most heard is cleaning the throttle. Throttle the front will have air cleaner filter air, but after driving thousands of kilometers and can easily become dirty vostro 1000 battery charger. Throttle valve dirty produce unstable idle speed, and power down. Engine in this state for a long time leads to a vicious cycle, causing the engine internal accumulation of gum and carbon deposits.

EFI engine most of the electronic throttle to control the idle speed, but regular cleaning is still is necessary. Throttle cleaning oil relative difficulty of cleaning and costs low. The common practice is to open the inlet pipe, the use of special cleaning agents to clean the throttle. The frequency of cleaning and maintenance, the owner based on the actual car environment laptop battery charger and the specific situation to decide whether to proceed with cleaning. Usually recommended in the sand large northern or frequent congestion in the urban roads and vehicles once cleaned every 20 000 km, other cases can be cleaned at about 30,000 kilometers.

The cleaning of the nozzle and oil, relatively complex. Domestic poor fuel quality, combustion of gasoline and prone to colloid and impurities in the high temperature combustion chamber and valve fuel injectors and other components for a long time to produce coke, coke increased atomization deterioration of the combustion deterioration. affect the health of the engine. Disassembly, cleaning the engine for oil rail use special washing machines with a cleaning agent to clean, which is what we called an intravenous drip to the engine. Although this method can effectively remove the injectors and engine internal glial part of the coke, part of the inlet in front of cleaning. Due to practical problems canon 450d rebel xsi or improper use of cleaning agents, many owners during the cleaning, not only did not get the cleaning effect, but feel the vehicle "condition" deteriorated, idle shake exacerbate, fuel consumption increased phenomena. Aside the cost of this from happening to people a headache. So we try to choose a car oil, cleaning should be more secure formal 4S shop.

Coke serious engine would have to dismantling the engine. The cleaning of the valve carbon deposits is relatively simple, remove the intake manifold to clear by hand or using clean drug soaked. As for the cleaning of the engine cylinder coke, you must "go to war to remove the cylinder head, timing belt, etc. can be cleaned. The biggest drawback of dismantling cleaning is often difficult to achieve the original accuracy of the assembly, and even the replacement of all bolts, washers and other fastening of the bearing will be some impact on engine performance. So we do not wait until the hp dv9700z battery car coke is a very serious cleaning.

Coke serious engine, you have to disassemble the engine to the engine performance of this method will be some impact, so we do not wait until the very serious car coke cleaning

Cleaning maintenance cycle for different situations, the owners do not have to blindly follow the sales staff said tens of thousands of kilometers must be cleaned, this statement is irresponsible. Due to the different environment and driving, the status of each vehicle inside the engine are different, so also is not fixed mileage cleaning of the argument. All engines will produce a small number of carbon deposition, the engine is normal combustion is a continuous carbon deposition also constantly ablation out of carbon deposition process. They do not affect the lithium apple a1175 battery normal combustion, the engine condition is normal, there is no cleaning necessary. The method is also very simple to judge whether the engine oil needs to be cleaned, the engine idle jitter increase, increased fuel consumption, power down, exhaust the typical symptoms of the exceptions are the engine oil system problems.
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10 Jan 2012 
Photography learning is a gradual thing, systematic study is important, but for many newcomers, the theories of the voice of experience to master the basic skills more rapidly. Limited to card machines often lack the manual function, it seems just a simple press of the shutter operation allows the photo of the author powerless, as Ricoh R7 at the highest ISO noise control can be completely comparable to a cell phone. Actual shooting, I forced the ISO to a minimum, so you can effectively control the noise, but the loss of brightness of the photo. Night in order to see more details, I will adjust the shutter speed to a very slow, because the slow gate allows more light to enter. Because this camera can be manually operated range is too small, sony np-bn1 charger or the pictures are dark, but has not been affected by noise and people have a sense of restlessness, and its effect is close to the human eye effect, because we are only shooting the garden Some street light is not high, the lawn naked eye is black.

First, under its automatic night mode long exposure time have a deeper impression, we usually take in order to meet the user will not have a small DC manual too cold, so we chose the simplest way to describe this. But unfortunately, the effect of dark film, and did not achieve the desired results, but the noise control is very excellent, which is 1/1.8 of the CCD, and it is inseparable.

Shutter speed (Tv): 1ms shutter speed for such a dark night is clearly inappropriate, the result is underexposed, the color is too dark a picture.
Aperture value (Av): 2.8 aperture for shooting night sony dsc-w130 battery charger scenes though there is increase the amount of light into the role, but the night does not make a large aperture to produce the desired results.
Because A610 is a more complete manual functions with DC products for home, which is Canon A-series has been proud of the features. After just the parameters of the automatic mode analysis, to identify the lack of picture shooting, according to our basic understanding of these parameters to adjust and then shoot, you should see close to the satisfaction of the effects.
Shutter speed (Tv): 6 seconds of shutter has greatly increased the amount of light can finally shoot the green grass of.
Aperture value (Av): 3.5 aperture so that light is a little star nikon coolpix p5000 battery effects. Gives a sense of bright light, but also more in line with the human eye's vision.
ISO sensitivity: ISO forced to adjust the value of 50 ensures excellent picture of the relative noise control.
Is such a simple change would cause a very significant advantage. The screen looks bright a lot. Compared to the first picture, to show more detail.
While the A610's aperture value can be further reduced, but because it is difficult to use a longer exposure time, and then narrow the aperture value will cause the screen dims again. Although the A610 also has a manual function, but because of its technical parameters of equipment does not meet the level of professional camera, so we can not use the same quality and other requirements to force it, but we need to know the difference between the two . Here I use a Canon 40D + EF 50mm f1.8, aperture priority mode with the effect of:

Shutter speed (Tv): 30 second shutter speed is selected because the results of aperture priority, exposure basically accurate.
Aperture value (Av): 22 While the lens aperture value is the limit, such a small aperture so that our light more bright radiance of a doubt. And above the A610 compared to the effect of fuzzy star, this star to be even more fascinating.
ISO sensitivity: 800 is a relatively large value, in fact, I forgot to set it, because it is single-lens konica minolta np-700 battery reflex camera, so in terms of high ISO noise control ability is outstanding, so I am not worried that it will bring much of my pictures the defects. In effect it seems to me that it did not really trouble. Unless you have to be at 200% of the size of the magnifying glass to find the noise, otherwise the stress is not too much value.

Would like to regularly shoot or avoid such an effect, we need to know it works. Impression in high school physics have learned this knowledge, but I also believe that we are basically forgotten. But no, just a simple understanding can be harvested. After a light in the wavelength less than or equal to their holes (where the lens can be understood as our jurisdiction is limited aperture range), coherent waves meet somewhere in space, the phase difference due to mutual interference effects between , causing each other to strengthen canon powershot sd200 battery or weaken, which in our eyes can see the beautiful superposed light effects. This physical phenomenon is called also called on the diffraction.

The conditions of this phenomenon requires first of all you need to have a greater contrast with the background light, such as night lights or sparkling water waves can be. The other is you must be able to adjust your camera aperture, it is small enough (aperture coefficient, F value is large enough, such as the F16, F22, etc.), so that we can achieve the "hole effect" of the. Of course, the best lighting sony dsc-f505 battery according to your aesthetic and joint decision made by the setting. This is the eyes of the beholder, the wise see wisdom. If you do not know how to capture the beautiful star, you can now go out of camera shot. Note: Do not shoot toward the sun and other light sources, or it may cause fire or damage your eyes.
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